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Loretta Mormon

First Lady, Christian Tabernacle Church

Loretta Morman is the administrator of Christian Tabernacle Church's ministry. Recognized by Pastor as his "only lady" she assures daily operations of the church facilities and programs persist without a hitch. Sister Morman earned degrees in education, psychology and business. With a heart for children and teaching, she has shared her knowledge and expertise with the congregation during marriage conferences and workshops.  Sister Morman has a strong passion for God and ministry; she is the true definition of a Proverbs 31 woman.

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Thursday, 19 July 2012 16:00

Have you ever tossed and turned through the night because you couldn't sleep?  Have you cried to the Lord in the night, "God, where are YOU?  Where are You? Come to me, Jesus."  You know He's there, as close as the very breath you breathe.  But sometimes it doesn't seem like it.

The Bible says God will wipe away all tears from our eyes (Revelation 21:4).  He has all of our tears on earth recorded in His book; all of the tears we've ever cried have been stored in a bottle!  (Psalm 56:8-9)

You will see your battle turn when you call out to God for help. The enemy causing death, financial trouble, poor health, and wayward children will flee. This one thing I know, God is for you.  And if God is for you, who can be against you?  

The very moment you pray, the tide of your battle will turn! Our prayers will turn the tide of battle! In the battles of my life I remember to cry out to my Lord to help me. He is always as close to me as the breath I breathe.  The moment I pray, I know you He will turn the tide of battle in my favor. He fights for me, and my enemies have to flee!

As a first lady, I often remind myself of everything I mentioned above. While being a Pastor's wife is a calling from God, every day isn't as luxurious as it may seem. I, too, call on God for strength. After all, we all are human and only God is perfect. But, He is faithful! This I know personally. God allows us all to have trials and tests so we can minister to others. If I had never cried a tear, I couldn't tell you how God wipes tears. If I had never struggled or had to cry out to God, I couldn't tell you how God heals and restores.

The Michigan Chronicle is allowing first ladies the chance to relate to everyday women like ourselves. We will let you know how some of our struggles may be the same. But, ultimately we know who fights all of our battles. This is an exciting time for me to be able to share with those of you who need someone to relate to. We are women with something in common…maintaining balance of our work lives and families, all while doing kingdom work. But, be rest assured, He gets ALL the glory!

-Loretta Morman

Rev. Carter M. Grimmett

Rev. Carter Grimmett is a native Detroiter, and the pastor at Peoples United Methodist Church in Detroit. Rev. Grimmett studied at the historic Tuskegee (Institute) University in Alabama majoring in social work; graduate school of social work at Wayne State University. Rev Grimmett earned his Masters of Divinity from the Methodist Theological School in Ohio.

Married to his childhood Friend Toni (Haper) Grimmett, the two have seven (7) children 26 grand-children (one on the way), and two great- grandchildren.

Living a healthy was not simply a lifestyle choice; chose but a lifesaving choice. A Vietnam veteran with the U.S. Army Intelligence Corp, and serving a combined 27years as a firefighter for the City of Detroit, and Ann Arbor living a healthy lifestyle has been a not only a major focus but a necessity.

His commitment to health extends beyond himself and his family. Rev. Grimmett was a founding board member of the Joy-Southfield Community Development Corporation (JSCDC) and the organizations first Vice- President. The organization conducts community health screenings and operates a free health clinic in Detroit.

As a member of the Masters United States Track and Field Association (USATF) he has served as an USATF official at the state and national events.
Rev. Grimmett served as the assistant coach for Renaissance High School girl's track and field team for 12 years in Detroit and has taught Masters level race walking, as well as sharing the joys of "Sit Down and Get Down" aerobics.

In addition to his pastoral responsibilities Rev. Grimmett has served his denomination as fitness instructor for the 2011 Michigan Area School of Pastoral Ministry.

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Thursday, 19 July 2012 16:02

As we begin this first conversation on spirituality and health it is appropriate to make some observations and set some expectations for our conversation. I want this to be a positive, honest and shared experience; not a one way, "you tell me everything" blog. I will be making suggestions; pointing out issues that we often refuse to face as well as asking you to share struggles and successes as it relates to your body and your health.

Christian Stewardship is not just about managing money, or our environmental responsibility, it is also about managing our health.

We know how important it is to establish a routine of prayer, study, praise and spiritual practices and habits. We know how important it is to live a "Christian Life". We are often intentional in our efforts, and we draw strength from our personal relationship in Jesus Christ and the support from our body of Christ, the church. So why is there such a big disconnect in our faith journey when it comes to faithful stewardship of our spiritual temples, "our bodies".

We can easily and rightfully, "blame it on the devil". We can't see the adversary at work because "the devil is in the details" and we are busy looking at the big picture.

In the church we often talk about good health. We host an array of health initiatives, activities and screenings. In an effort to be biblical we search the bible to find scriptural support for special dietary practices, from fasting to the "Daniel Diet" (fruit and water diet).


The African American communities in the United States have the highest rate of High blood pressure, strokes, diabetes and obesity. The African American population in Detroit has one of the highest obesity rates in the country.


With our great intentions to support good health, we pat ourselves on the back about how many at risk people we found in our heath fair screening, then we reward ourselves and celebrate with a church or community wide fried fish, fried chicken, and bar-b-que rib dinners!

With a significant number of congregants afflicted with these issues, we must model the spiritual health behavior that supports the community and the church for seeking a fuller and more complete life in Christ. The bible provides scripture and guidance regarding our treatment of our bodies and living both a spiritual and healthy life. It is imperative that we understand that living a life that is obedient to God's word does include living in a way that honors and respects the vessels that we have been blessed to inhabit.

While we cannot cover everything in one or two blogs, I will encourage you to share your thoughts with each other and vent your frustrations as you seek help support and understanding, but try not to make excuses. With that being said, I trust that this blog will provide some observations and helpful information which may, in part on whole be a reality in your faith life and spiritual setting and assist you in moving towards a more healthy lifestyle.

Be in the Spirit.

Rev. Kevin Turman

"Rev. Dr. Kevin Turman is a child of the 1960's Civil Rights movement. Born the year of the Brown vs Board of Education Supreme Court decision, his life has been lived at the intersection of family, faith and politics. Dr. Turman studied American Government at Harvard College and then pursued his Master of Divinity Degree at Yale University. His ministry began as the Assistant to Dr. William A Jones, in Brooklyn, NY. His first call was to the Ebenezer Baptist Church, Boston, MA and has served the historic Second Baptist Church of Detroit since 1988. Past President of the American Baptist Churches of MI; the Michigan Progressive Baptist Convention; and the Metropolitan Organizing Strategy Enabling Strength (MOSES), Dr. Turman currently is the President of the Metropolitan Detroit Association of American Baptist Churches and remains actively interested and involved in connecting our faith and our social lives. "

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Tuesday, 31 July 2012 20:57

What should the Church do in the area of politics? The issues can be so complex, the politicians so deceiving and the results so frustrating that to some, it can often seem better to just pray with all your heart, soul, mind and strength and otherwise stay out of the political mud-slinging all together. And the whole separation of church and state almost dictates that the Church stay out of politics doesn't it? I would hope that the mandate which Christ gives the Church to be in the world but not of the world; to be the salt and light that preserves and enlightens, calls us to be actively involved in the social, political, economic as well as the religious life of our community. We are not critics who stand outside the process and point fingers. We are the builders of a new and better society, one which reflects the justice, equality and equity priorities of God, as we discover them through the study of Scripture.

Surely we do not expect secular minded people to create a spiritually nurturing society. If it is to be done, it will be the people of God who embrace this responsibility that do it. If the issues are complex the Church should study and discuss them together. If and when politicians disappoint, hold them accountable for their failures including when necessary, putting them out of office. When the results disappoint, pray harder, work harder and build a larger coalition. We may very well be the people that God and our community are waiting for.

As to the "separation of church and state" let me encourage you to think of this more as two separate blocks in a community connected by a one way street. More accurately we should think of the separation as "state and church" in that the Constitution protects people of faith from government involvement or interference in their worship and service lives. In no way, however, does it prohibit or discourage people of faith from being involved in the activities of our government. Just the opposite, in order for our government to truly be, "of the people, by the people and for the people" we who believe that fairness, justice, equity and equality should be the goals of public policy must make sure that we pray up, stand up and speak up!

Yes, there are certain things we cannot do as churches – endorse certain candidates; allow one to speak from our pulpit and not another; tell members how to vote on some ballot issue or election, because to do that is to endanger the charitable, tax exempt status of the gifts which the church receives. But we can and should discuss what we believe are the Biblical mandates of God as they relate to immigration, health care, education, incarceration and other issues. Our God and God's Word are far too broad to be understood so narrowly. As we thoughtfully and prayerfully open ourselves to the guidance of God's Spirit, we will find that there is much we can accomplish in the political arena.

Superintendent Marcus Ways

Pastor Marcus R. Ways, Sr., is enthusiastically and happily married to his best female friend, Attorney Patricia A. Ways.  They have been life-long marital partners for   31 years.  Prior to their marriage, they were close platonic friends in the same church for eight (8) years.  To their God ordained union, three bright and beautiful children were born; Faithe and two sons, Marcus Jr. and Maurice.

Pastor Ways is committed to honoring the wedding vows he exchanged with Patricia over 30+ years ago.  He is a respected, admirable, leader among his family, parishioners, greater metropolitan Detroit community, and to those who know of his respected reputation in the larger community of faith.  He has an earned Bachelor of Arts degree from Wayne State University in Information System and a Master's Degree from Ashland Theological Seminary in Biblical Studies/Pastoral Ministry.

As you read and interact with the blogs written by Pastor Ways on Focus on the Family, just know that his inspiring and informative writings are undergirded by the family values that govern every aspect of his daily living.

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