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Rev. Kevin Turman

Rev. Kevin Turman

"Rev. Dr. Kevin Turman is a child of the 1960's Civil Rights movement. Born the year of the Brown vs Board of Education Supreme Court decision, his life has been lived at the intersection of family, faith and politics. Dr. Turman studied American Government at Harvard College and then pursued his Master of Divinity Degree at Yale University. His ministry began as the Assistant to Dr. William A Jones, in Brooklyn, NY. His first call was to the Ebenezer Baptist Church, Boston, MA and has served the historic Second Baptist Church of Detroit since 1988. Past President of the American Baptist Churches of MI; the Michigan Progressive Baptist Convention; and the Metropolitan Organizing Strategy Enabling Strength (MOSES), Dr. Turman currently is the President of the Metropolitan Detroit Association of American Baptist Churches and remains actively interested and involved in connecting our faith and our social lives. "

What should the Church do in the area of politics? The issues can be so complex, the politicians so deceiving and the results so frustrating that to some, it can often seem better to just pray with all your heart, soul, mind and strength and otherwise stay out of the political mud-slinging all together. And the whole separation of church and state almost dictates that the Church stay out of politics doesn't it? I would hope that the mandate which Christ gives the Church to be in the world but not of the world; to be the salt and light that preserves and enlightens, calls us to be actively involved in the social, political, economic as well as the religious life of our community. We are not critics who stand outside the process and point fingers. We are the builders of a new and better society, one which reflects the justice, equality and equity priorities of God, as we discover them through the study of Scripture.

Surely we do not expect secular minded people to create a spiritually nurturing society. If it is to be done, it will be the people of God who embrace this responsibility that do it. If the issues are complex the Church should study and discuss them together. If and when politicians disappoint, hold them accountable for their failures including when necessary, putting them out of office. When the results disappoint, pray harder, work harder and build a larger coalition. We may very well be the people that God and our community are waiting for.

As to the "separation of church and state" let me encourage you to think of this more as two separate blocks in a community connected by a one way street. More accurately we should think of the separation as "state and church" in that the Constitution protects people of faith from government involvement or interference in their worship and service lives. In no way, however, does it prohibit or discourage people of faith from being involved in the activities of our government. Just the opposite, in order for our government to truly be, "of the people, by the people and for the people" we who believe that fairness, justice, equity and equality should be the goals of public policy must make sure that we pray up, stand up and speak up!

Yes, there are certain things we cannot do as churches – endorse certain candidates; allow one to speak from our pulpit and not another; tell members how to vote on some ballot issue or election, because to do that is to endanger the charitable, tax exempt status of the gifts which the church receives. But we can and should discuss what we believe are the Biblical mandates of God as they relate to immigration, health care, education, incarceration and other issues. Our God and God's Word are far too broad to be understood so narrowly. As we thoughtfully and prayerfully open ourselves to the guidance of God's Spirit, we will find that there is much we can accomplish in the political arena.

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